This award recognises outstanding commitment by women who have demonstrated excellence while contributing to the success of projects within the civil contracting industry, whether on site or off.  

Hynds are proud advocates and supporters of women in the civil contracting industry, and encourage nominations for this award from all companies. Please note that nominees do not have work on a project site.


  • Nominations will be short-listed and finalists advised 2 weeks after nominations close. A judging panel will then interview the finalists.
  • Finalists are required to provide an electronic original size (high resolution) headshot photo.
  • Nominees give permission for their image to be used for promotional purposes should they win the award.
  • Nominees must be available to attend the CCNZ Gala Event on Saturday 19 June 2021.
  • Nominees must be an employee of a CCNZ Contractor member that either is a member of the Auckland branch or has a permanent branch office in Auckland.
  • Nominees must have contributed to the success of projects within the civil contracting industry, but do not have to work on a project site to do so.
  • Nominees must be normally resident within the Auckland region and if working on a project outside Auckland, intend to return to the Auckland region on completion.
  • Nominees that meet these criteria may also be selected by the judges from the entrants to the Stellar People Awards.


  • Application form completed, biography content, and interview. (If applicable)
  • Demonstration of leadership ability or potential.
  • Personal presentation, attitude, verbal ability, and understanding of industry.


  • Please submit the nomination by Friday 14 May 2021, 12pm via
  • Explain why you have put forward your nominee for this award.


  1. What personal success are you proud of?
  2. Tell us about your achievements to date.
  3. Any highlights in your career over the last twelve months.
  4. Describe an occasion where you have stood out as an excellent performer.
  5. Why did you choose a career in the civil infrastructure industry?
  6. What are your long term goals or plans for the future?
  7. What other skills or training do you need to get to your goals?
  8. If a young person expressed to you they were considering entering the civil contracting industry, what would you tell them?
  9. How do you feel you make a difference in the company you work for?
  10. Who inspires you and why? (industry or otherwise)




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