This award recognizes companies that have implemented an innovation that greatly improved the way a job was completed.


  1. Describe the innovation
  2. How is it unique/original?
  3. How did you identify and then implement your innovation?
  4. What initiatives or plans have you implemented to meet your strategic objectives?
  5. How are you maximising and sustaining the benefits of the innovation for further growth?
  6. How are you measuring the success and value of the innovation?
  7. What have been the barriers to adopting the innovation and how did you overcome them? – eg staff, customers, internal process
  8. Describe any risks or challenges you faced in introducing this innovation. How did you manage them? What did you learn?
  9. Outline and explain other significant business achievements from the last 12-18 months – eg. sales trends, sales figures, gross or net profit. What do you attribute these to?
  10. If applicable, explain how your innovation will help NZ or the Civil industry as a whole
  11. Why do you believe your company (or project) should be considered as the most innovative?




Entry Fee: $150 + GST
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